Our Wedding

June 3, 2012



June 2, the rehearsal dinner, Churrasqueira Ribatejo


the happy couple




Alan Stahl, Phyllis Gestrin (the host), Bill Hanauer


Elizabeth Ettinghausen, Rita van Itterzon


Ray Fink, Diana Gould


Jack van Itterzon, Paul-John van Itterzon, Carol Bliss



June 3, The Ceremony, Sparta Park

Walking down the aisle

In the gazebo with Reverend Lynda Clements


The Ceremony


Of Thee I Sing




Gerry Stahl, Carol Bliss


Lucy Keefer, David Hanauer


Marcia Roseman, Bill Hanauer, Richard Hanauer


Jere Jacob, Bill Burton,  Lynda Clements


Bill and Jonas


The Reception - Okinawa Restaurant



Flower arrangements by Han Koon Ooi


Carmen Arnold-Biucchi, Rusty Stahl, Sarah From




Toast by Jack van Itterzon


Toast by Garrett Boehling


Coverage on local news


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Back Home at Mistra




Pictures taken by our niece, KimLou Conigliaro Stahl